Sucessful third Meeting in Sofia – Draft version of curricular EVive modules created

The third meeting of Evive was a big success. The partners worked actively together and it was possible to create a draft version of the modules of the EVive Curriculum on common European shared values. It consist of the description of competences, contents, methodological hints, addressed future situation of the learners and hints concerning the aproximate teaching time.

Third Evive Workshop in Sofia

The third workshop of the EVIVE project takes currently place at the American University in Bulgaria in Sofia. In the first part of the meeting the concept maps are presented and discussed which have been obtained in the different partner countries through interviews and questionaires with teachers of the vocational training system. The maps serve as a basis to develop a curricular structure for teaching common European values in the second part of the workshop

This will be found the results of the project on this website soon.

The curriculum serves also as a basis to develop exemplary didactic materials and learning resources.

2nd EVIVE workshop in Ankara

The EVIVE partners met for the second workshop in Ankara, Turkey. After taking a closer look at the educational systems in the partner countries the partners launched into the creation of concept maps to describe national values in their vocational education systems. The concept maps will be an essential step in gathering more information and understanding what different values mean in the partner countries and which values different systems focus on. In the coming months after the meeting the partners will expand the gathered data and add the view of teachers by creating more concept maps with local schools.

Apart from intensive work phases the partners also visited a vocational school for girls in Ankara to get a practical impression of how values are taught and to have an opportunity of speaking directly with students, teachers, and the school’s director. The consortium partners were treated to a wonderful lunch prepared by the students.

The Turkish partner also introduced the guests to Ankara with a few impressions of the city, such as a visit to the Attatürk mausoleum and museum.