Download Workshop 3 Sofia, Bulgaria

The following documents are available for download:

The Workshop-Programm

(a) Presentations of the Concept Maps

French Concept Maps of Values

Romanian Concept Maps of Values

Turkish Concept Maps of Values

Bulgarian Concept Maps of Values

UK Concept Maps of Values

German Concept Maps of Values

(b) Presentation of the Curriculum Discussion

Presentation EVive_2014-09-15_ESV curriculum

Template of an Modul for the ‘European Shared Value Curriculum’

European Shared Values Curriculum – Example

(c) Presentation University of Paderborn on Dates and next steps of the project

EVive_2014-09-25_Next Steps

(d) Reflection-Template for the next working phase until the meeting in Sibiu:

Reflections on national chances and problems – Germany

Reflections on national chances and problems – Template

(e) Reflections on the workshop in Sofia