The value discussion – Interdiciplinary meeting in Paderborn

Today we had an interdiciplinary scientific exchange in Paderborn, Germany concerning research methods and discussed strategies to gather information concerning values in enterprises and vocational education. Several PHD students presented their ideas and discussed the different approaches. With several posters the participants were informed about approaches to analyse values.

Also the results and the positive trends concerning an increasing shared values system in Europe were stressed. This could already be seen in former approaches like in the results of the EUROBAROMETER69 report the majority of EU27 citizens (54% in 2008 in contrast to 48% in 2006) think that with focus on European shared values the European Union Member States are very close to each other.

For further information concerning the Eurobarometer klicken Sie hier:


First Ideas about national and european values

At the first project meeting in Paderborn several aspects of national and European values were already discussed by the partnern.

Main aspect was a differentiation between:
(a) attitutes
(b) beliefs
(c) preferences
(d) personal drivers

They can appear on individual level, group level and society level.

Examples of values which were discussed in a more intensive way during the workshop are:

– integration
– inclusion
– humanity
– liberty
– equality
– helfulness
– freedom
– property
– solidarity
– liability
– honesty
– consideration

Launch of the project, day 1

evive2On November 26th the partners met for the first time in Paderborn, Germany for a 3 day project launch meeting. The first day was a great opportunity to get to know each other better and lay the foundations of a solid partnership. Everyone was curious about the new partners and the discussions lasted long into the evening.

Let´s discuss European Shared Values!

The Atlas of European Value is one of the main results of the European Values Study. This study is one of the basic diswcussion points in the Evive project where partners from five European countires try to create a Curriculum to foster shared European values in VET.

The EVive partners are sure that European values are important. It is helpful to create a stable an solid European foundament to share those values across different countries. This will lead to a better understanding and a stronger cooperation in Europe.