The EVive Project


The project ” EVive – European Values ​​in Vocational Education ” is international. It is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the EU and is set up in the field of ‘ Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships ‘. The duration of the project is 24 months.

Project partners in EVive are seven vocational training institutions from Germany , the United Kingdom , Romania, France, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The seven partner in EVIVE come from six countries. They share and exchange experiences between theory and practice in the field of vocational education . The practitioners are actively involved in activities or courses in which (professional ) competences, skills and values ​​are provided. The main objective of EVive is the design and reflection of a common European curriculum , which picks up as the starting point, the shared European values like democracy, gender issues , teamwork , etc. . During the project period of two years, the partners analyse different approaches to career choice in their education systems and the challenges they face in their countries and in Europe. A critical examination of the theoretical and practical approaches to values ​​education is an integral part of the project. An evaluative monitoring aims , not least to replicate subjective theories on European values ​​by using structure laying techniques.

In Europe, an increasing shift in values ​​and pluralism can be discerned, which means that young people are not always aware of orientations and structures . They grow up in increasingly diverse environments that include a variety of individual , sometimes competing values ​. Such trends or tendencies towards pluralism arise for example due to increasing globalization. Especially to create a socially responsible and independent live orientation regarding a mandatory system of values ​​is important. This provides a supportive effect in personal, professional and social issues. Some studies on European values ​​, which are designed generally similar – like the EVS – European Value Study (see ) – are already available. EVive relates directly to the Atlas of European Values ​​(see Halman 2011) and is based on the main results.