Summary of the the project

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In EVive seven partners from six countries work on the exchange of experiences between practitioners in the field of VET. These practitioners are actively engaged in measures or courses in which competencies and values are provided. The main goal of EVive is the creation of a common curriculum of European shared values (such as democracy, gender issues, teamwork etc.). During the project duration of two years the partners examine different approaches of vocational choice in their educational systems and the challenges they face in their countries and in Europe.

In Europe the increasing rate of change in values and pluralism leads to the result that young people are not aware of fixed orientation structures. They are growing up in increasingly pluralised life environments, which contain a variety of individualised and competing values. These trends or tendencies towards pluralisation are due to globalisation. Precisely because of the plurality a binding value system is important to normalise the social action. There are already some studies about the European Values in general similar to the EVS (see EVive directly refers to the Atlas of European Values (see Halman 2011) and is based on its main results.

Providers of vocational education in both schools and enterprises have the duty to teach, discuss and reflect values to challenge their educational mission.

In the European context of Evive the following five aspects are crucial:

1. What is the meaning of “values” in the partner countries?
2. Which values are important in the partner countries?
3. Are there any national concepts for the promotion of values in VET?
4. How and with which didactical methods are values effectively promoted in VET?

5. Is there a common set of European shared values?